It’s crazy to think, I was just 26 when I first opened the doors to Poppy & Stella. It feels as though it was both a lifetime ago, and only yesterday. I wasn’t married, and didn’t have any kids. I had a big dream, a super supportive boyfriend (now husband), and a desire to create something special in Baltimore. Now here we are, 16 years later, and I’m ready to close this chapter, knowing that together with so many amazing people, we indeed created something special. 

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the past three years have impacted every single business owner I know in a huge way. We’ve all had to pivot and adjust and hustle harder than ever just to keep everything afloat. And while, thankfully, we aren’t living in a pandemic any longer, the ramifications are still being felt each day. It’s taken a toll mentally, emotionally, and physically on so many of us, and I recently had the realization that I could move on. It’s weird, I honestly hadn’t even thought of what my life would look like without Poppy & Stella. And while it’s heartbreaking to think of this journey coming to an end, it’s liberating as well. My three daughters will get to know a mom that can, for once, turn her phone off and just be present. 

I’m so incredibly grateful for each and every person that helped keep this dream alive for 16 years. My sister, Llydara, who provided inspiration, encouragement, and endless support. My husband, John, who allowed me to keep going, even when it caused him to question my sanity 🤪. My mom, and family, who supported in so many ways. And especially my team members, past and present, who stood by me and helped bring this to life day in and day out, so many of whom have become friends and chosen family. 

Lastly, a huge thank you to this community of customers and supporters. You’ve been there through it all, so many of you becoming friends. You’ve chosen to shop at Poppy & Stella again and again, even when maybe it wasn’t the cheapest or most convenient but you knew there was an importance in shopping small. Together we’ve been able to encourage everyone that walked in our doors to know they’re amazing, just the way they are. That we each have value, and are loved, even on the days it may not feel that way. That’s what we collectively created, and I hope that the Poppy & Stella magic lives on with each of you when you rock that dress, or those boots, that you wouldn’t have normally tried on but now are your go-to when you need a little boost. 

I’ll be posting more specific details over the upcoming days, but the current hope/plan is for both stores to stay open through the end of the year. Thank you in advance for your support and understanding through this huge shift.