• Rollerball | Capri - Poppy and Stella
  • Rollerball | Capri - Poppy and Stella

Rollerball | Capri

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 Welcome to your carefree citrus escape. In search of sunshine and sparkling wine, we’ve crafted the perfect complement to your summer sabbatical. Enjoy this Mediterranean-inspired, citrus, zesty and invigorating scent with notes of bergamot, neroli, grapefruit, blood orange, teakwood, sheer vetiver, crystal musk, dewy rose and muguet. 

Transport yourself to that ultra-relaxed, just-out- of-the-water, no-work-tomorrow, sun-in-your-hair moment with this carefree Capri indulgence captured in a bottle. You’ll find yourself smiling all day as the memories come flying back.

Ingredients: organic sugar cane alcohol, distilled water, bergamot, neroli, parfum (Skylar's own fragrance blend with natural and essential oils). 

  •  0.33 fl oz / 10mL