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  •  You're Fucked - Fortune Cookie :   This enamel pin features afortune cookie breaking open with a scroll reading, "You're Fucked" It is made from black coated metal with orange and white enamel fill. Two metal tie tack clasps on the back keep it in place. 
  •   Poes Before Hoes - Edgar Allan Poe :   This pin features Edgar Allan Poe with a raven upon his shoulder as he offers up a fist bump. Made from durable black metal with enamel fill. It has two pins on the back instead of one, so it doesn’t spin around. Measures 39.7mm x 38mm. 
  •   Feminist Roses :   This enamel pin features a black and white banner with the quote, "feminist". It is surrounded by pink roses, in a style reminiscent of traditional tattooing.  Made from durable metal and enamel and measures 1.63" x .69". Two tie tack pins on the back ensure it will stay put wherever you pin it. 
  •   Little But Fierce : This lapel pin is perfect for the vertically challenged. It features a pink banner with the Shakespeare quote, "Little But Fierce".   Made with durable black metal and pink enamel. A sturdy tie tack pin on the back ensures it is secure wherever you place it. 
  •  Gangster Cat :  Features black and white art of a cat with tattooed tear drops under its eye and a bandana around its face. The lapel pin is made from metal and enamel. It has a sturdy tie tack clasp on the back to keep it in place.